How to set Your own photo on Notification Bar using One Shade App

Hello friends welcome you all on my website so friends today we have discuss about the power shared app which is very powerful app to customise your notification as you see many people have different notification panel.

So friends they use the app called one shade app and and this App can bring a new look in our phone. So friends without wasting our time let’s talk about One shade app how you can customise your notification by using this app.

What is One shade app?

Friends if you bring a life on on your boring phone notification then it is fast and easy because one shade is the most advanced notification panel customizer ever. It provides you to many options to customise your notification and it make you Quick setting according to you the way you want. This app can change your mood because this is provide you a best theme and best customisation setting.

Details of One shade app?

One shade app is available on play store and it’s download size is near about 4 MB only. This is a very light weight app and this app is made by Treydev inc. And it is officially released on 26 July 2018 and this app access some permission like location permission telephone permission storage permission and some other permission.

Features of One shade app

One shade app provide some mind blowing features that are given below

1.Full colour customisation.
2.Advance notification.
3.Quick reply
4.Auto bundled
5.Custom background picture
6.Notification card themes
7.Quick setting panel
8.Change Quick setting grid layout
9.Change your device icon
10.Change your icon shape
11.Choose your own profile picture to be displayed in the shade.
12.Change setting grid layout

How to Download One Shade App

Guys this App is available on play store and you can download it easily But you can use only free features and You have to pay for the premium features. Guys some people download this app on other sites and they do not pay any money for premium features.

If you want to check that site and want to download this App with full features, you can checkout below link. But I Didn’t recommend to Download this app on these type of sites.


So friends I hope you have learnt that How to Set your own photo on Notification Bar. I have explained about Power Shade App and his mind blowing features. If you’ve enjoyed this article so please share this with your friends and family. If you have any query, you can ask me in comment box.

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